Yesterday i was with a very good friend of mine, we talked on so many issues. From the time we left school for home to the time we got home, i had learned way much than one would learn in a boring 2 hours lecture class. My main point this morning is extracted from the first verse of the book of Psalms. There is no way you would want to be an eagle and still associate with hens. I learned that when you have the same old group of friends year in year out then something is wrong with you. I am obliged by the way the cat would be walking with the lion(dont worry thats a cartoon i watched) same to us young adults, it is time we changed our company for the good of us and the people around us. A 20 something year old should associate with people who are older enough to let them share the experiences and avoid going through the same mistakes they did.

I rest my case!!

thanks to my mentor Mbugua Mbugua.

have a lovely learning day. wont you?


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