My semester has indeed been a long one. Perhaps full of challenges but not so much. I really need to share this out. I have been silent on my blog. I hope you guys are okay and fit as fiddle. Politics has been the order of the day. I hope you know that a politician never gets time to blog. My PA was too busy to do the same. Anyway lets get to the point, Defying odds. Mhh!

When i say defying odds, it does not mean going against the force of gravity and flying. Neither do i mean walking on water. No. Some from experience do not speak, others from experience speak. I do not know from which angle to tackle this but still i believe you will learn something.


First and foremost you have to agree with me that leadership is earned and not given. it is the ardent desire to continuously improve yourself as you lift others. Not trying trying to go up up up at the expense of others. Always struggle to inspire people rather than coerce them to be your followers. A true leader makes leaders and not followers. From my family lineage, no one really did politics. As vivid as i can remember its only my brother who was a student leader at some point in his campus life.

My desire to become a student leader began as soon as i got into campus. The drive in me was so real. I had no money for campaigns but still i wanted to go for it. My friends thought i was too Christian to get into politics but still i needed it. I was like an antelope in the desert looking for an oasis of water to quench my thirst. That is the zeal each one of us should chase their dreams. Remember if your dream is not too big to scare you then it is not big enough.

Leadership must be yoked with humility. I had to be patient. Visions may tarry but they soon come to pass. Visions are God given. I think i will talk about visions in my next blog post. Year one passed, still the leader in me did not fade away. Year two i became the chairperson of the Christian Union…Year three now you have to understand one thing here. I was not yearning for the student leadership position. If it is position i had one already. No. Leadership is not a position, it is an action, it is the ability to influence others to do right or wrong. I had the influence from birth, it showed in my eyes.(not blowing my own trumpet but you should know your worth i challenge you).

I was driven by the desire to serve comrades. At the normal comrade level things could be tough. Besides after seeing the way Our student leaders dealt with issues that affected common comrades. Selfishness, lack of transparency, misplaced priorities, favoritism all clouded the ‘good’ student leadership we had at that time. I was convinced that there was no servant-hood at all. Mine was to break the political bigotry that i found in campus. I decided to contest for a seat which was so competitive. A seat that was not worthy for a ‘christian'(pun intended) Little  did i know the forces that were to come against me. Perhaps here is where i learned the audacity to defy odds. I hope you learn.


In order to defy odds, the first thing was to believe in myself. I knew that if i failed to believe in myself then no one would. Always believe in yourself even if no one would. My dream scared me but i remembered i had not been given a spirit of fear. God believes in you that is why you are here and reading this at such a time as this. Believe in God.



I call them nay Sayers. Some of my friends believed in me. A good number discouraged me. They said ‘Nelson Cant fight for comrades!’ ( now these are the moments you need to talk to yourself and let you know that you are born for greatness) They believed Nelson should not vie. Now let me remind you of your self worth. Never allow critics to drain your long conserved energy to do something. Follow your heart but carry your brain along with you.

This is the time you sit down with your mentor and chat the real talk. I must applaud my mentor Mbugua Mbugua for giving me the zeal to pursue my dream. He was not a politician but he allowed me to go the direction he never went. To experience the pursuit of leadership.( that’s a topic for another day- Mentor-ship)



Someone asked me if i would lose sight of an antelope because of a dangling squirrel. I answered him by saying that i would not lose sight of the antelope even if someone brought me an already captured antelope. That is focus. I was attended different meetings. All in the name of stepping down for someone, not being fit for the position. Others even said that i would lose my faith. All came with heavenly promises but still i did not lose focus.Stick to the plan. As i did. I chose not to go the easy way. I had to be real to myself and my calling.I do not work well with plan B’s. All i want you to learn is the art of staying focused. You will never regret.



What do you want us to remember you for? Defy the odds and create a path where there has never been a path before. Do not go where there is a path. If there has never been a comedian in your family before, be the first one. if there has never been a first class honors in your family before, be the first one. There is nothing as strong as a will. That is why i always pray that the will of God to carry the day. Where there is a will there is a way. And remember never be that kind of person whom people will rejoice at your departure than when you are around.


The person who defies odds does not give up at all. Let alone easily or after a long struggle the way some of us are used to. The campaigns lasted for more than two months. Something that had never happened before. The Student constitution allowed only ten days for the campaign period. I did not give up so who are you to give up? Don’t you know that you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength? You have trained for so long but still you do not win a race. Don’t give up. You have been trying to be the best at playing chess?  Don’t give up. You have never won any sport pesa bet? Don’t give up. You could be the next big thing.




In all circumstances give thanks to God. The most craved for in humans is gratitude. Someone just to say thank you. Always appreciate those you meet and are indeed destiny helpers. I was able to meet new friends who worked out selflessly to see to it that we clinch the office position. I am so much indebted to my Chief campaigner Brian Njenga. Others may not be mentioned but still remain in my heart.

The power of gratitude can be compared to the power of faith. this semester i have remained grateful for many things. My family, my friends, gift of life, my haters and even my enemies. I know you are wondering but alas its true what cannot kill you only builds you.




Anyone who kneels before God can stand before anyone. Let alone your talents and gifts which bring you before great people. Prayer goes beyond what a normal mortal man can believe. Always find time to pray about your vision and mission on earth. Death is not the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone, but to live a life with no purpose. You only know your purpose when you pray.

#teamNelson Campaign team praying after campaigns.

I had a lot to write perhaps after such an long period of silence it was worth it. We will continue from here as we talk about servant leadership and why it is a dream that will never die…….

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