My favorite quote ‘Hold yourself to a higher standard than anyone expects of you.’  Henry Ward.


The pillar of my blog.

Expectations, the assumptions and the presumptions. Everybody expects us to be perfect. (Ha-ha) They press so hard until it becomes a deception. Don’t live their expectations. You are perfect just the way you are. I refuse to have a people pleasing-envious heart. Like it or not, that’s the Eagle pride. (Truth without Photoshop)


Today my motivation is to write something I have wanted to write about some eight hours ago, perhaps this is one of those articles written at the wee hours…a little special attention to it. Have you ever had an idea come in your mind? But when you look around you, no phone no book no pen to write it down? This is one of them. (Then you are forced to get off bed and do something on your laptop before it disappears, and by the way averagely we have around 60000-80000 thoughts so if I dint grab this one I would have lost it.) Always write down your thoughts they could be your solution if acted on. It could be the NBT (Next Big Thing). In fact genius does not get you anywhere, execution does.


Now back to what we talking about. We have been deceived by the Society, laughed at by our failures. Sometimes living with concealed bitterness, regret, hatred that takes us nowhere. Today I have an encouragement for you. They won’t love you for being yourself, they won’t tolerate you for saying the truth, they won’t accept you for jumping off your comfort zone or for having a contrary opinion to theirs but you know what just be yourself. (Mindset.) Let’s see the eagle pride in a newer perspective.

The EAGLE: can fly without flapping their big and huge wings, the have to learn to conserve their energy (haha) that’s it don’t always argue with negative people learn to conserve your energy, the more value you have, the more your silence increases. (Coins make more noise than notes, I dint create that)


The eagle fly alone at very high altitude dear (brother/sister). Your attitude determines your altitude. Stay away from people with negative attitude because you will always sore at their level. Let nobody bring you as low as hating them. You are way above that. (Now this is powerful).

The Eagle has a strong vision. (Eyesight) oh my! You gota have a vision. (donge!) They are go-getters…if you are one like me feel good and smile. (On my earlier articles I wrote about putting down your dreams/ vision on paper. Habakkuk of the Bible was told so, that all might see it and run that read it. Don’t lose focus of the antelope because of a dangling squirrel. Stay true to your dreams even when you see things are not working out. Focus. (You may also read my previous article ‘it’s about time’).

The Eagle does not eat dead things. Fresh is the word. I don’t know if you are still holding on to dead things. A relationship that did not work, people who don’t add value to your life, a job that does not motivate you every morning to run to office, a habit that you fear stopping. Man, move on to a fresh new thing. Develop a sixth sense of dropping old habits and clinging on good fresh ones. (Old stuff are for other birds)


The Eagle really loves the Storm. (yawa!) Hehe personally I fear storms, but these are what make us the iron ladies and the Macho men. Be sure that whatever storm you are in might be for your elevation. God promises us that everything happens for the good of those who love Him. The storm makes the Eagle go higher than it would. You will emerge stronger, more patient, more loving, more cheerful and more appreciative of life after every storm. Love Storms of life. (They are just too many to be ignored) Don’t hide from storms like other birds.

The eagle lays its eggs where no predator can reach. (Not even you).  Always on very high grounds, perhaps on top of cliffs. For that matter cursed is the man who puts his trust on man. Trust the Higher authority Jesus. Put all your wealth where no predator can reach. (Heaven) Put all your hopes in Jesus Christ man. A friend of mine used to tell us back in high school that when they say , ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket,’ defy it and put all your eggs in one and watch it keenly. Mark Oyieyo. (My school captain back then) that one basket is Christ Jesus, He never disappoints.


Now this last one, an Eagle grows old and undergoes renewal of its feathers, it plucks all of it, hides until new ones have grown. There are some new skills you need. Let go of the old ways of doing things. As we advance to a techish world, IT skills, inventions, embrace change because you will come back stronger newer as the eagle. Always hide your projects until they are ready for the world to see. Ofcourse expect critics. You could be the NBT. ( Mtaka unda haneni) for translation hit the comment box below.

As I wrap it all remember, you are the Eagle. Don’t forget that. Replace the word Eagle with your name in any line of this article and hit the comment box with it. And remember the Eagle pride. The eagle is a bird Created by God just like you, it did not make itself. It comes with its own bragging rights.

Have your own bragging rights, know your worth, add value and put tax on it. No one is allowed to belittle you. You can only do that to yourself.


Hold yourself to a higher standard than any human being expects of you. Only God’s thoughts of you are way above what you can imagine. All that we are is not by our own might nor power but by the spirit of the Lord. Zechariah 4:6. (Learn to appreciate that and live with it.) Thank you for reading. Share if you love.


10 thoughts on “EAGLE PRIDE”

  1. the “eagle does not eat dead things” part, is really working for me at this time.
    nice article, keep up 🙂

  2. I like it when it’s tym to be the NBT and it literally dawns on those who criticized yo idea that u are unstoppable…juz like the EAGLE!Great inspiration Nelee.

  3. Wonderful ,Nelson. Like ,Habakkuk, ‘I will put my vision on paper so that all can see it and run with it’.

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