I know you expected me to write something about an aspirant here, oops! I have better things to do, like jog your mind a bit on authentic leadership. As you can see there isn’t a poster here. Just read on dear friend.


Today everyone wants a good leader but not everyone is willing to be the good leader, everything under the sun has a counterfeit. Whether you like or not there are two things I am sure you cannot fake, first is a vision and number two is your passion. Authenticity is about real vs fake. Are you an authentic leader or a fake one? As I said you know better. You can only fool some people some of the times but not everybody every time. You can try but after some few days we will catch up with you like our ancestors did with those who failed to keep the oil skin of the house strictly for the house.

Man is by nature a political animal.

Writing very many good things about an aspiring leader does not make him/her good. Neither does writing so many bad things about a leader make him/her bad. But taking time with this fellow and getting to know them makes the difference. I have learnt in my political endeavors never to judge a book by its cover (though it’s hard in politics) I have tried not to push people away because of divergent ideologies. Instead I have learnt to embrace every other intellectual mind and heard of their side of the story.

An authentic leader must learn to fight political bigotry. I am a strong believer in potential, skills and destiny. Fresh blood must be accommodated. If one is destined for greatness then others can only watch him or her climb the ladder of success. I am so particular with leaders who take advantage of their subjects, promise heaven and deliver hell. God will infect punish you.


This leader must have the ardent desire to serve his/her people. There must be servant hood before leadership. True leaders don’t invest in buildings. They invest in people. Why? Because success without a successor is failure. Your legacy should not be in programs or projects, your legacy must be in people. After all Jesus said whoever wants to be great must become a servant. If you have not worked on this part start now. Servant leadership can never be faked.



A great and authentic leader must embrace the skill of communication. He/she must make sure that people understand not only what he/she says but also what he/she means. It is the ability to listen not to reply but to understand others. People must be understood and not misunderstood if a leader is to stand high and not stoop too low. Developing these aspects of communication takes a lot of time, patience and hard work. I would rather develop myself as a leader.

Leadership is not the only way to personal development my friend. Donge!! But personal development is the only way to leadership. Don’t wait to get that position to start developing yourself (Kwani how many leaders are out there serving without positions yet their impact cannot be ignored) start with yourself and very soon when your time comes you will never be irrelevant. So just be hungry for power but ask yourself if you got what it takes to lead a people so mighty, some so intelligent, some are waiting for you to deliver on your promises. (Nothing as deadly as a people so pregnant with hope getting let down by a leader they trusted.)


That brings me to my third and last concern for today, an authentic leader must restore, bring, and nurture hope where hope is no more. (You can ask Bonny and Chalinga). Courage must be instilled in the people who look up to you as a leader. An army of sheep led by a lion will always defeat an army of lions led by a sheep. This is why comrades must always be careful not to elect into positions leaders who are on the inside very cowardly and full of selfish ambitions. We have been told, we have heard and we have experienced, what more would we want in order to understand that an authentic leader must be distinguished from the followers. No matter who you are you have the nature and capacity for leadership. Discover yourself. I wish you all a peaceful election. We shall celebrate with you.


Lee Empire.




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