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Before i tell you how it went down on the 7th of this month, there are some few things you need to know about Kitabu Culture.



“Kitabu culture” is a concept that is crafted, tried and tested since the 1st quarter of 2017 as program of ACTS Foundation Trust (ACT-FT).

  • It is  intended to be a gathering that invites both truth hub members and millennials (young adults) in general to come together to share books.
  • Its objective is to promote the reading culture among millennials.
  • Every gathering has an invited prolific writer and author as the keynote speaker.

Great! now you know!

So what happened on the 7th of October? I will take you through step by step just follow keenly.

Kizitoh and John – Stewards of Time

“At exactly 8:59 am I arrive at the Siriba hall Kisumu hotel…it is quite evident that my love for book reading is immense I couldn’t help but arrive on time. Mark you this is the first ever KITABU CULTURE held in Kisumu City. I am quite expectant, needless to say my heart and soul ready for the day.

Shortly after….a duo arrives Kizito Lily and John Lameck….they are however disappointed that they only find me…alah! I am their worm they have to contend with me (the early bird catches the worm donge!) ….i engage them in a short conversation and realize that they come from Nyalenda and Nyamasaria respectively…..

It’s now 9:45 AM Kitabu culture is about to begin my friend…the first one ever of its kind… you can never imagine… beautifully unfolds and it’s amazing.


The opening remarks of the MC (i was the MC by the way)…..’You look like the last book you read’…… (People burst out laughing because probably they cant remember the last time they read a book!)

The Chief steward of ACTS-FT William takes the stage and talks about the Kitabu culture… it began…. hes keen to mention that young adults should be open mindfully ready to learn and inspire wisdom…expose yourself and capture things that you do not know……(wow what a way to begin)

Still on welcoming remarks …looking forward to getting views on your reading culture…the bible is the bestselling book and has the bestselling author. His eloquence is clearly captivating, he finishes and ushers in the keynote speaker;


Main speaker – Madiang Oluoch Daniel – the peasant farmer.

My first time to meet him and I already like him, his oratory skills, he turns out to be a lover of reading and writes a lot. His hobby revolves around photography, farming and you can guess the rest.


He begins his address by giving reference to the ruling of the presidential elections petition. (of course it was about the long verdicts that the bench had to read) He then goes ahead to share his 8 experiences with books. (Mark my words 8 experiences with his books). Do you even own a library? Ha-ha wait a library is a collection of books. So you are safe those two books you borrowed last year still qualify to be a library. In case you missed it here are the 8 goodies.

  1. Respecting books.

As taught to him by his teachers, parents and mentors. He was taught to develop a culture of understanding books…..books are a collection of people’s ideas and thoughts that have been deposited in them. Respecting those who have gone into their wallets and invested in the buying the books. By the way Madiang says ‘Cover your Judgement with books.’


  1. Never read a book just to finish it.

For your information; of making many books there is no end and too much study is weary to the soul. It’s a fact that many have finished books. But how many books have you ever read more than three times and finished.

Oscar Wilde “If you cannot read a book over and over and still enjoy it then it’s not worth reading.”

don’t make reading a punishment

You can actually be reading a part (just a section) of one book and not guilty? Wow it’s not about finishing books. Mr. Peasant farmer made jokes on the academic angle assumed by most people during his time in campus. The bigger the book you had the more serious a reader you were.

You should endeavor to Invest in books; Always carry a book around when traveling, going to school, visiting a relative and so on and so forth.

Your focus should not be bent on finishing a book: harvesting from a book is the thing; something that you may use in your life in years to come.

Challenge; ‘Is there a book you have ever quoted anywhere?’ when you talk or in your normal interactions with people? You better get your hands on gifted hands, rich dad poor dad and apply it in your life. ‘I mean quote’ Understand and apply.


  1. Whatever page you open in a book; even if you took two minutes you will find something that makes sense.

Don’t fear books…how they look, big, small a book is a book. It’s not always about ‘that book is so big! I may never finish it!’

  1. Anytime anywhere is reading time reading place.

People always talk about ‘my weekend read’…when I get time…long post alert…when they think about reading a post, book or article. You should be reminded that only a small part of a whole can be meaningful to you. Always struggle to find the nugget meant for you in every piece of writing. Phones have become our shadows. People who read are stigmatized, ‘ati anajifanya yeye ndio anajua kusoma!’ Sometimes even Matatus have amazing gems to be read. For example an old car written ‘Mzee ni wewe’ KZT 165T. Sometimes it’s the reader to pick the lesson.


Jesus was reading at the synagogue preparing for a three years task. So why not you? Ha-ha at this point I realize that my library is about 20 books. The keynote speaker has a whole 1614 books in his library. I lift up my head across the room and Alas! I am not alone! Ha-ha.


  1. Read widely and read wildly.

Who are you? Are you the type that only reads comics? Are the one who only reads inspirational books? Can you read business materials, politics? Get to the point where you have content to share in any topic raised. The qualities of a reader is information that transforms you and your listeners. At the professional level. Reading many books at the same time is allowed.


For example this is a Cancer awareness month, have you read anything on cancer? Anything about breast cancer.

Challenge: Read things by people you don’t like.

  1. Never read books by your favorite authors.

Stop being cocooned and having a taste for one writer Reading is not a punishment….make reading a reward….not a punishment. We should introduce reading aloud competitions. Some people have very bad habits of not reading all languages. Especially your mother tongue.

Challenge: Make your posts in your mother tongue for a week.


  1. Take time to digest and understand.

There are things you will understand once you stop reading that book. Relax and understand.

  1. Write something to be read.

Finally if we do not write who will people read? The magic of the phone has stolen the beauty of writing. There are a lot of calls for submission for many things online where is your article? Start by writing about your shoes. Then your job, then your friends then you will be writing about everything! Reading and writing go hand in hand.

Challenge: Read more and write more.


Super! and that was how the day went. I am looking forward to seeing you on the next Kitabu Culture event.


Share on the comment box below what books you are currently reading. Viva!



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