The future of entrepreneurship; millennial mentorship

In a continent of about 1.3 billion people, youths below 25 years of age (about two thirds of the entire continents population) have embraced technology and realized the need to create their own jobs.

Africa population is equivalent to 16.64% of the total world population.

In a continent of about 1.3 billion people, youths below 25 years of age (about two thirds of the entire continents population) have embraced technology and realized the need to create their own jobs.Still there are those who believe in the white-collar jobs. (I am writing a follow up article for those who graduated in 2018 or ever – Nobody Told Us). In fact, let this be a prelude to what I wish to share in the next piece. This was shared in an essay competition sometime back.

Now let’s get this, entrepreneurship is not merely having an idea, its putting that into action, do,do and do it again! Fast forward, Africa is fast rising. Africa is on the verge of exploding with potent! (Ama wewe huoni?) But who is ready for this? Predominantly Africa’s industrial revolution; the digital age has catapulted the emergence of a resilient entrepreneurship patterns pegged on creating purposeful solutions for the African community. Africa is endowed with abundant natural resources and there is a burgeoning local innovation and creation of jobs thanks to entrepreneurship. Grab a seat let’s see…

As a young African and a budding entrepreneur, I have seen enough light at the end of the tunnel. See, I will point out few reasons why a Super Africa could be witnessed in the near future. With the introduction of the Africa Continental Free Trade Area in 2012 things can only get better for Africa. Who visioned of a united state of Africa? Well my friend, wherever you are please fasten your seat belts for the entrepreneurship train has left the station we are headed there no matter how long it takes. It is time we exploited our ability to share our know how and human resources among other African countries. It is time for ‘Sharity and not Charity’ as the famous Mallence Williams Bart of sierra Leone puts it. What is it that south Africa got that Kenya can learn? What is it that Kenya has that Burundi can take a bite?

See, the future of entrepreneurship in Africa does not lie with the business moguls; the future lies with the ability of the current successful African entrepreneurs to pass the desired skills to the younger generation. This is what I call unlocking Africa’s potential. Through mentorship, entrepreneurship can scale to the next level. African Development Bank is committed to achieving a better future for all of us in this continent through entrepreneurship. If there is one person I wish was the continents president, its the Zimbabwean Dr. Strive Masiyiwa an entrepreneur, philanthropist and founder of Technology group Econet. Through his social media accounts mainly Facebook? – That’s where I met him, I wish I met him in person, he is transforming the young and old alike through mentorship. It has become the most active account with a lot of entrepreneurs getting feedback and answers across Africa. So if I have only met him on Facebook yet mentored and inspired by him to become better, how much more to those around him? See, that’s a perfect indication that technology and media have become part of the illumination at the end of the tunnel. Do you get my point?

See, with the emergence of mentorship and funding organization like Tony Elumelu foundation in Nigeria that takes in thousands of start-ups for funding and mentorship of over four thousand start ups – (2019 applications are open click here to apply, BLAZE mentorship in Kenya, YALI – (applications open on 28th January),Y-GAP, Akili dada and so many more I may not mention, we can fold our arms and smile. All these geared towards improving, equipping and exposing entrepreneurs, I am now convinced more than ever before that the tunnel has light at the end of it.

One last bit for those not yet convinced, look at the current young entrepreneurs who are doing well out there. If a young person can do it, in the presence of other young people, then peer to peer mentorship is inevitable. To the upcoming entrepreneurs in Africa the light has penetrated everywhere, there is no excuse. Listen, In 2015, one young man by the name Sandile Shezi from South Africa at 23 years began to change the dynamics of entrepreneurship becoming a multi-millionaire of purpose and inspiring young Africans across nation including myself. He now offers free forex trainings thus pulling up young entrepreneurs and that’s mentorship. Check him out.

That aside, see, in the next twelve years, Africa will have created more jobs through entrepreneurship because it is an opportunity and a necessity in the current Africa needs. See, like Martin Luther King would put it, I have a dream that by 2030 Africa will be boasting of more young and homegrown entrepreneurs who would not be judged by the vast wealth they have made but by the economic impact and transformation in the African economy they created through mentorship. I hope I will be on the right side of history.

Did you see, according to the world bank Africa has been confirmed as rising, with some of the top ten countries listed as fastest growing economies in 2018, Africa has six countries represented; Ghana, Ethiopia Cot devoir, Djibouti, Senegal and Tanzania. It is important to note that the women in Ethiopia have a chance to alleviate poverty. I think the rest of Africa should watch out for the Ethiopian women. This a clear sign that at the end of it all entrepreneurship leads to industrialization which boosts the economies of different countries. Either way entrepreneurship has become and will be the breakthrough of the African nations.

Open your eyes, more efficient regulatory frameworks will create a conducive environment to equip the African entrepreneur with the right skills. Besides, there should be greater support by reduction in the costs to start and register a business in all the African countries. More funding for the small medium enterprises should be witnessed in the future. It should not be easier in my country and harder in Congo or Zimbabwe no! Hapana!. Getting a license to start up a business will be in a blink of an eye.

This is Africa, I have seen paradise.

I see a future with different African governments championing and supporting the private sector which according to the statistics published by Harvard business review will become the fastest growing sector. African owned companies will make it to the top and be listed the first top 100 names in the fortune magazine. (smiles).

Open your eyes and see, Africans will believe in fellow Africans, that is the future of entrepreneurship. We will rely on nothing but our natural resources for innovation. We will buy from Africa, we will never export we shall be experts in our own innovations, the foreigner will come to benchmark and learn from us.  Electricity will not be a problem ‘we’ the entrepreneurs will find solutions to all the African problems. But, why are some people closing their eyes?

Because the light at the end of the tunnel is too bright. Go get your sun glasses, sit down and enjoy for the future of Africa is in entrepreneurship. Grab a mentor or a men-tee sit down fold your hands and witness a Super Super Africa! I hope my application to the TEF2019 will be successful! Then, I will be your mentor.

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