#asirasyndrome is a masterpiece, well crafted for positive influence and global partnership. Through objective interviews, Leaders Everyday Everywhere (LEE) gives humanity a chance to attract partnership, inspire, create and motivate leaders (who may not know they are leaders) and positively influence this generation through Mentorship, Motivation and Inspiration. We interview individuals from various nationalities based on recommendation and personal networks and contact with our clients and partners, feel free to reach out to us! We are focused on sustainable goal number 17 to revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development. On this platform you will get partnership from like minded people who read and get interested in what you do.

See, everything rises and falls on leadership. Our clarion call to everyone that visits this blog is to embrace; ‘Non ducor, duco’ a Latin quote simply translated as ‘I am not led, I lead’. This is the reality, we are all leaders everyday everywhere, all of us are uniquely wired to be leaders in their areas of gifting. Therefore our goal is to share with the world the leaders unspoken, the heroes unsung and to spot the leader in everyone giving them a chance for partnerships! Join us in transforming this world one leader at a time because you are one! Let us share your story!

I am passionately in love with helping people become good at what they do. With leadership coaching and mentorship skills, I work well with millenials. I have engaged such from all walks of life through mentorship programs; ARMED for leadership,The Truth Hub, Street – y’s, Entrepreneurship and lifestyle skills acquisition. I have organized events that targeted the youth and were very successful. I am outgoing and I love progress. I find pleasure in starting and completing whatever task I do.

I have a strong interest in Leadership; Global Governance; social transformation, peace initiatives and community-based initiatives.

Signed: Asira Nelson Asira
Founder: Leaders Everyday Everywhere.

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