#asirasyndrome began way back at the university. In my campus life during a spirited battle for a leadership position; when I believed and coould not sleep because I knew the time to lead my people had come – you guessed it, campus politics was vivacious. Inspired by the people I interacted with during the hunt for votes, I could not believe the kind of influence they had on me and I called it the #asirasyndrome.

Just like that, a movement was born whose goal was to reach out to people and share their stories of impact. And I started writting, then a blog and here we are, Yes! I share stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, it does not matter who you are or where you come from. I find purpose and fulfillment in unlocking peoples potential through people. As John C. Maxwel puts it, leadership is influence. You are just one person away from the person you need to meet.

People are amazing! Everyone is influential, everyone is amazing! You think no one cares? I do, The whole world deserves to hear your story because YOU are unique, you are a BRAND! This platform is for YOU regardless of your nationality, religion, age, race or proffession. Are you doing something where you are in your own small way to positively contribute to this worlds sustainable development goals directly or indirectly? Lets blow it up for the whole world!

This platform is for Real people! yes you! Here you get to share your story and get real stories of change, impact, struggles, successes, breakthroughs. I love to get up-close in my interviews. Real people, real stories. Thus my goal is to share with the world the leaders unspoken, the heroes unsung and to unleash! the leader in everyone I meet. The future is YOU let me share your story!

I am passionate about helping people become good at what they do. With leadership and coaching skills, I help people find their place in this world. I am outgoing and I love progress. I find pleasure in starting and completing whatever I do.
I have a strong interest in Leadership; Global Governance; Social transformation, peace initiatives and community-based initiatives.

Signed: Asira Nelson Asira
Founder: Leaders Everyday Everywhere.

(creative writer @asirasyndrome.com)

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